The Collective

What is The Football Collective?

The Football Collective is dedicated network of people who wish to bring critical debate to football – for those interested and involved in building football for the future. Through sharp analysis and research informed original reporting, we aim to provide a platform for thought provoking critical debate in football.

Who are The Football Collective?

Following the economic downturn we observed substantial changes in the higher education sector, which included growing demands on academics, from PhD students through to Professors. In a very humble response, a number of scholars convened in the summer of 2015 to support one another.
The primary intention of the first meeting, which combined a research methods seminar with a social event, was to support one another through collegiate and critical research debate. Whilst disciplines and ideologies differed, our shared values and a desire to support each other, complimented by friendships, created an idea, The Football Collective, an idea that came to fruition in February 2016.

Founding members: Dr Daniel Parnell (University of Liverpoool), Dr Paul Widdop (Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr Peter Millward and Dr John Hayton (Northumbria University), Professor John Hughson and Dr Joel Rookwood (University of Central Lancashire), Dr Danny Fitzpatrick (Aston University), Dr Mark Doidge (University of Brighton) and Dr Jamie Cleland (University of South Australia)

To date the collective has hosted five major conferences: Future Football: a design for life (Manchester, 2016), Football, Politics and Popular Culture (Limerick, 2017), ‘Challenging the Narrative’ – Critical thinking in football (Glasgow, 2018), ‘From grassroots to hypercomodification’ (Sheffield, 2019) and ‘Football in Lockdown: Power in Unity’ (Global, 2020) [Portsmouth 2020 was postponed until 2021], and has grown from the original nine founders to a network in excess of 400 members spanning every continent.

Our manifesto is simple:

We are a network bringing critical debate to our game

To achieve this The Football Collective has two main aims:

Aim 1: Deliver high quality events that provide a platform for critical and collegiate support, the dissemination and discussion of research findings, the development of research ideas and the enhancement of collaboration across the collective. See our conference tab for details of past and future events. Our YouTube channel can be found here.

Aim 2: To show case best practice and help share academic peer reviewed research in an accessible and understandable format for all. This includes:

  • Share evidenced based commentary on football issues
  • Disseminate peer reviewed research on football
  • Open debate around key issues in related to football

All research published on The Football Collectives is Edited by the Collective Board. The Collective Board ensures that research contributions are current, relevant, appropriate and ethical, whilst also providing an informal peer review support for contributors.

The Collective Board also plays an influencing role in supporting events for all members based on highlighted interests and needs. To become a member you need to have be an active researcher interested in football.

To join The Football Collective as a member please follow this link and complete the registration.

The Football Collective Management Board

Archive lead: Helena Byrne

Mentor Programme lead: Paul Kitchin

Podcast team lead: Danny Fitzpatrick & Paddy Hoey, with Josh Dean & Sarthak Mondal

Current conference organiser: Dan Plumley

Future conference organiser: Tom Webb, Christina Philippou & colleagues

Equality and diversity lead: Rory Magrath & Hanya Pielichaty

Research and knowledge exchange lead: Alexandra Culvin

Editorial Board lead: Tom Webb

Social Media lead: Christina Philippou

Treasurer: Rob Wilson

Book series lead: Jamie Cleland

Memberships: Sarthak Mondal

Strategy and Enterprise: Dan Parnell

Chair: Paul Widdop

The Football Collective Editorial Board


Dr Paul Widdop e: t: @Fire_and_Skill

Dr Dan Parnell e: t: @parnell_daniel

Editorial Board:

Art and Museums Professor John Hughson e:

Business Management Dr Dan Parnell e: t: @parnell_daniel

Consumer Culture Dr Kevin Dixon e: t: @KevinDixon20

Equality and Diversity Dr Jamie Cleland e: t: @drjamiecleland

Development and Society Dr John Hayton e: t: @:jwhayton1

Events Dr Joel Rookwood e: t: @Joelrookwood

Disability and Football Dr Paul Kitchin e:

Gender Dr Stacey Pope e: t: @StaceyPope2

Journalism and Media Dr Jonathan Cable e: t: @cable_j

Modern Languages Dr Jonathan Ervine e: e: @j_ervine

Networks Dr Paul Widdop e: t: @Fire_and_Skill

Performance Professor Barry Drust e: t: @BARRYD22

Policy and Politics Dr Anthony May e: t: @DrAnthonyMay

Political Economy Dr David Webber e: t: @DrDaveWebber

Referee Dr Tom Webb e: t: @DrTomWebb Referee and Match Official Research Network

Social Media and Fan Experience Jeff McCarthy e: t: @runeatrepeatuk

Sociology Dr Peter Millward e: t: @PeteMillward79

Asia and Australia Professor Simon Chadwick e: t: @Prof_Chadwick

Europe Dr Mark Doidge e: t: @markdoidge

Eastern Europe Dario Brentin e: t: @DarioBrentin

The Football Collective Board Members 
Dr Richard Bailey e: t: @DrDickB
Dr Kathryn Curran e: t: @Kathryn_Curran
Jonathan Sibley e: t: @Jon_SibleyPhD
Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick e:
Dr Neil King e:
Dr Alex Bond e:
Dr Ed Cope e: t: @EdCope1
Professor Steve Miles e:
Professor Jean Willams e: t: @JeanMWilliams
Dr Emma Poulton e: t: @DrPoults
Dr Jimmy O’Gorman e: t: @DrJimmyOGorman
Elena Balcaite e: t: @ElenaBalcaite
Dr Martin J Power e:
Dr James Carr e:
Dr Daniel Lock e: t: @Daniel__Lock
Dr Geoff Pearson e: t: @Geoff_Pearson
Dr Peter K Kennedy e:
Professor Grant Jarvie (Academy of Sport, Edinburgh University) e:
Dr Mathias Schubert e:
Dr David Cutts e:
Dr Chris Porter e:
Julian North e:
Professor Garry Crawford e: t: @CultSociologist
Andrew Stevens e: t: @nachtcities
Dr Christos Anagnostopoulos e: t: @chrisanago
Dr Gary James e: t: @GaryJamesWriter
Jonathan Sly e:
Dr Borja Garcia e: t: @DrBorjaGarcia
Dr Rod Ling e:
Professor Mark James e: t: @prof_mark_james
Dr Bastian Popp e:
Dr Alan Pringle e:
Richard Wyatt e: t: @richardnwyatt .
Dr Benoît Senaux e: t: @Benoit_Senaux
Dr Thomas Könecke e:
Dr Alan Southern e: t: @alansouth
Dr Pedro Pablo Cardoso Castro e:
Dr Alexander Cardenas e:
Jens Sejer Andersen e: t: @JensSejerA @playthegame_org
Susan Jones e:
Professor Nick Crossley e:
Matthew Parry e: t: @ParryMJ
Alex Fenton e: t: @alexfenton
Gavin Maclean e: t: @MacleanGavin
Colin Lewis e: t: @ColinLewis1989
Professor Peter Krustrup e:
Jonny Rae e:
Francesca Champ e: t: @fchamp1
Steve Menary e:
Mark Turner e: t: @PhDSafeStanding
Sean Huddleston e: t: @seanhuddleston2
Tobias Zuser e: t: @duwenzhe
Henrik Brandt e:
Andrew Jennings e: t: @AAndrewJennings
Dr Carrie Dunn e: t: @carriesparkle
Craig Corrigan e: t: @CraigCorrigan81
Les Crang e: t: @morethanagame66
Alexandra Culvin e:   t: @alexculvin
Charles Leyman Kachitsa e: t: @kachitsa1
David Scott e: t: @dscottresearch
Professor Martin Everett e:
Professor Adam Leaver t: @AdamLeaver1
David Roberts e: t: @DavidCRoberts
Professor Alan Tomlinson w: t: @AlanTomlinson1
Becky Easton e: t: @beckyeaston16
Dr Christoph Wagner e: t: @wagnerc23
Stephen Morrow e:
Dr Jamie Kenyon e: t: @jayllid
Max Mauro e: t: @maxmauro10
Elisavet Argyro Manoli e:
Dr Giambattista Rossi e:
Darragh McGee e: t: @DarraghMcGee4
Eddie Rees e: t: @eddierees17
Dr Andrew Hodges e:
Dr Susan O’Shea e: t: @SOSheaSNA
Leon Davis e: t: @leon2209
Joel Roberts e: t: @JoelRobs
James De Mountfort e: t: @DeMountfort
Jacqueline McAssey e: t: @jacquimcassey
Alice Kelk e: a.kelk@ucfb.come t: @alicexkelk
David Horrocks e: t: @HorrocksDavid
Clarke Carlisle e: t: @CCforDD
Alan Tonge e: t: @Alan_Tonge
Tom Buck e: t: @tombuck90
Laura Bradshaw e: t: @nasaphd
Sophie Peng e: t: @SophiePenglboro
George Just e: t: @gjust67
Dr. Frances Harkin e: t: @Frank11Guinness
Julie Roche e: t: @julz5990
Dr Christopher Bunn e: t: @Chris_Bunn
Dr John Beech e: t: @JohnBeech
Dr Ryan Groom e: t: @r_groom
Rob Carlisle e: t: @RobCarlisle86
Luke Gibson e: t: @LukeGibson87
Rebecca Sawiuk e: t: @sav_rk89
Kyle Ferguson e: t: @fergieskykyle
Søren Bennike e: t: @SBennike
Alan Byrne e:
Nicole Allison e: t: @NicoleAllison2
Ian MacNeill e: t: @IanAlexanderMac
Professor Richard Parish e:
Dr Dave McArdle e: t: @davemcardle
Professor Steve Redhead t: @steveredhead
Matthew Reeves e: t: @MRSportEdu
Professor Matthew Taylor e: t: @matthew_mtaylor
Ashley Jane Lowerson e: t: @AshleyJLowerson
Dr Nick Burton e: t: @NF_Burton
Dr Gareth Addidle e:
Dr Eleanor Drywood e: t: @ewdrywood
Dr Kevin Enright e:
Kevin Rye e:
Dr Malte Nejst Larsen e:
Seungmin Kang e:
Associate Professor Ian Jones e: t: @ian__jones__
Associate Professor Brent Smith e:
Professor Kihan Kim e:
Dr Christopher Huth e: t: @spooek
Dr Alex Krumer e:
Assistant Professor Michael Goldman e: t: @michaelmgoldman
Dr Doug Blais e: t: @blais17
Associate Professor Larry McCarthy e: t: @mccartla
Assistant Professor Clint Warren e: t: @Clint_Warren
Assistant Professor David P. Hedlund e: t: @davidphedlund
Gareth Smith e:
Associate Professor Seungbum Lee e:
Sean Ndebele e: t: @seanndebele
Hannes Lepschy e:
Dr Damian Gallagher e: t: @dm_gallagher
Assistant Professor Thilo Kunkel e: t: @thilokunkel
Dr Karl A. Russell e:
Daniel Green e: t: @DanielJ_Green
Dr Haydn Aarons e: t: @carringbush10
Emanuel Leite Jr. e: t: @EmanuelLeiteJr
Pauli Loukola e: t: @PauliLoukola
Duncan Drasdo e: t: @drasdo
Assistant Professor Radosław Kossakowski e:
Dr. Stephen R. Millar e: t: @StephenRMillar
Neil Graney e: t: @Neilg08050
Stacie Gray e: t: @stacie_gray1
Stuart Whigham e: t: @StuartWhigham
Lee Darnbrough e: t: @LeeDarnbrough
Will Roberts e: t: @w_roberts6
Grace Gallagher e: t: @gracie_baby_85
Sophie Cowell e: t: @SophieCowell24
Marcelo Pedro Castro-Martinez e: t: @marcelombsdba
Jim O´Brien e: t: @Jimmyboss1234
Associate Professor David Kilpatrick e: t: @DrDKilpatrick
Ian Plenderleith e: t: @PlenderleithIan
Janine Partington e: t: @janinep79
Dr Daniel Haxall e:
Steve Bullough e: t: @SteveBullough
Professor Hallgeir Gammelsaeter e:
Tom Leeder e: t: @tomleeder
Professor Kjetil K. Haugen e: t: @haugenk
Birnir Egilsson e: t: @BirnirE
Kjell Eriksson (The Editor) e: t: @idrottsforum
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What is The Football Collective?

We are pleased to be in association with Michael Kirkham Photography, who has kindly agreed access to his Urban Goals collection. You can see more of his work here and follow him on Twitter @UrbanGoals