Positive future for football research in 2017

As we draw close to 12-months since the formal development of The Football Collective we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member and those supporting and engaging with football research via the platform. We are looking forward to developing and strengthening The Collective. We are delighted with our first conference, Future Football: a design for life – 30 November 2016 – at FC United and we will be announcing details of our 2017 conference in the coming months.


Future Football: a design for life, was a one-day conference that included:
  • 3 PhD/ECR session
  • 5 keynote presentation
  • 24 academic presentation
  • 1 keynote pane
  • 1 film-launch
  • 100+ guests



We would like to thank all guests for their supportive contributions, PhD/ECR contributors, academic presenters and keynotes including, Prof. Alan Tomlinson, Prof Jean Williams, Dr Stacey Pope, Dr Richard Bailey, Dr Jamie Cleland.
Also, we would like to thank Dr Peter Millward for chairing our Question Time keynote panel, our panel for their time and insights (Owen Gibson, Shelley Alexander and Tony Asghar), Routledge for their generous support, FC United for their hospitality and The Collective for helping make its first conference a success.
Videos from the conference can be found here. There are plenty of photographs from the event on our Facebook page here.
Interested in joining?
If you are involved in football research and want to join a collegiate international group of like-minded people? Get in touch and join The Collective.
w: footballcollective.org.uk/ t: @FB_Collective
Happy new year and thank you,
Dan Parnell & Paul Widdop

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