Football in Lockdown – Power in Unity

Keynote with Peter Drury and Sarthak Mondal – watch here.

Josh Dean, Not a charity’: The state of play in the Premier Leagues CSR Management – watch here.

Connor Penfold, The disabled supporter as an activist for social inclusion in lower-league English football – watch here.

FBC Sessions

Tom Webb talks about his research with Dan Parnell – watch here.

Paula Gorham, Helena Byrne, Jean Williams, John Carrier & Dan Parnell discuss #CORDUNwatch here.

Nicola Cave, Richard Irvine, Ronan Evain and Peter Millward – watch here.

Eleanor Drywood, Beth Clarkson and Francesca Champ join Alex Culvin to discuss football – watch here.

Alex Culvin, Paddy Hoey and Kieran Maguire join Dan Parnell to discuss football – watch here.

Football insights

Justin Walley in conversation with Joel Rookwood – watch here.

The other World Cup, by Joel Rookwood – watch here.

The Animals, by Joel Rookwood – watch here.

Football for Peace, by Joel Rookwood – watch here.

Exploring football fandom and hooliganism in the UK (and Europe), by Joel Rookwood – watch here.

Football, Politics and Popular Culture

James Carr introducing the 2017 Football, Politics and Popular Culture Conference – watch here

Football, Politics and Popular Culture, 2017 at The University of Limerick – watch here

FEATURED FILM: The Sarajevo Derby, by Joel Rookwood 2017 – watch here

Allison Thompson – Youth Football as a Tool for Cultural (re) Integration – watch here

Danny Fitzpatrick – ‘Football Remembers’: The invention of the poppy in British football – watch here

Jessica Richards and Geoff Pearson – Subcultural Boundaries fluidities in English Football Fandom – watch here

Jonathan Ervine – The Place of Videogames in Football Culture – watch here

Jordan William Zalis – Staking Claims and Taking Place: The Sounds of Football in Canada’s Capital – watch here

Keynote: Mark Doidge – Refugees United: The importance of activism in football scholarship – watch here

Martha Newson – What is the cognition underlying football-related violence? – watch here

Paul James Kitchin – A critical analysis of the opportunities and challenges of integrating disability football in Northern Ireland – watch here

Lindsey Gaston and John Hayton: A Rainbow in a Sea of Black and White – watch here

Keynote: Simon McKerrell – Kicking metaphors of the body around in the mediation of Self and Other – watch here

Alexandra Culvin – New realities for professional women footballers in England – watch here

Chris Stone: CSI: Sheffield – Corporate Social Irresponsibility and the Case of Ched Evans – watch here

Gijs van Campenhout – A critical reflection and alternative approach(es) to migrant football players at FIFA World Cup, c. 1930-2014 – watch here

Ilker Gündogan – Football in China: What do Chinese supporters think? – watch here

Luiz Guilherme Burlamaqui – Musical Chairs: How Havelange was elected FIFA president? (1968-1974) – watch here

Mick O’ Hara & Connell Vaughan – Club versus Country: Internationalism and Cosmopolitanism in the Contemporary Game – watch here

Sean Crosson – “I know it’s just football, but it’s important to us”: The British Football Film. – watch here

Presentations from Future Football: a design for life

Giambattista Rossi from Birkbeck University presents Sports Agents and Labour Markets: Evidence from World Football – watch here

Mike Green from Hartpury College presents European Football Journal – watch here

Ellie Whittaker – “We’re trying to create normal people in a world that wants aliens”: A critical evaluation of the elite player performance programme (EPPP) – watch here

Alex Culvin from the University of Central Lancashire – Elite Female Football in England: How ‘do’ they do it? – watch here

Gavin Maclean – Political economy and football formation: Toward a labour process analysis of the work of footballers – watch here

Jonathan Cable – The Fans are revolting: Football, fan protest movements and the press – watch here

Max Mauro – The Balotelli Generation: What is means for Italian football and society – watch here

Jean Williams – Football by design: World Cup posters 1930-2014 – watch here

Richard Irving – Supporter ownership: The way forward or a missed opportunity? – watch here

Mark Panton – How do stakeholders influence stadium-led regeneration? – watch here

Colum Cronin – The challenge to care in an uncaring football world – watch here

James Carr et al. – Building social inclusion through football: The case of Diversity City FC – watch here

Alison Bambridge and Jack Bullock – Swipe Left: Football Fandom in the age of disappointment – watch here

Anni Peki – Football Fans as Social Activists and Good Citizens – watch here

Alex Fenton – Building International Relationships through Social Media Marketing: A Netnography of Football Communities – watch here

Members talking about the Football Collective at ‘Future Football: a Design for Life’

Future Football: a Design for Life – Football Collective – watch here

Richard Bailey talks about the Football Collective at ‘Future Football: a Design for Life’ – watch here

Jamie Cleland talks about the Football Collective at ‘Future Football: a Design for Life’ – watch here

David Webber talks about the Football Collective at ‘Future Football: a Design for Life’ –watch here

Leon Davis talks about the Football Collective at ‘Future Football: a Design for Life’ – watch here

Mark Turner talks about the Football Collective at ‘Future Football: a Design for Life’ –Watch Here

Stacey Pope talks about the Football Collective at ‘Future Football: a Design for Life’ – watch here

Dan Parnell previews ‘Future Football – a design for life’ – watch here