Join the Collective

Thank you for your interest in joining The Football Collective and becoming a member. Joining the collective offers a range of benefits outlined below. The collective comprises of students, practitioners, scholars and researchers. Membership is open to anyone engaged in football research at any level with an interest in supporting others.

The benefits of Football Collective membership includes:

  • Staying informed and developing skills
  • Access to exclusive member only activities (e.g. networking and social events)
  • Building new networks, sharing knowledge and developing ideas
  • Joining a community of researchers and practitioners involved in football (see who makes The Football Collective)
  • Research dissemination (via our website, social media [Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin], podcast, events, networking and our annual conference)
  • Discount tickets to our annual conference
  • Opportunities to join The Football Collective Board
  • Opportunities to lead The Football Collective Annual Conference
  • Opportunities to lead our networking and social events in your region (i.e., see Away from the numbers)
  • Opportunities to join the Editorial Board of The Football Collective online platform
  • Access our professional mentoring programme as a mentee and mentor
  • Opportunities for Keynote presentations (including early career researchers and PhD students)
  • Opportunities for expert panel presentations (including early career researchers and PhD students)
  • Opportunities to win conference related awards
  • You will be part of a network commitment to support early career researchers and PhD students
  • Opportunities to engage with the broader membership for collaborative research projects
  • Opportunities to engage with the broader members for collaborative funding projects
  • You will be part of a supportive and growing network of scholars
  • Opportunities to submit a book proposal to our book series, Critical Research in Football
  • You will have regular opportunities to contribute to post conference outputs, such as special issues and edited books
  • You will have the opportunity to submit to the annual Managing Sport and Leisure journal special issue on football
  • PhD students will have access to conference grants (to be announced in early 2020)
  • Join our running club on Strava
  • Converse on our Slack

​The collective is built on the goodwill and contribution of individuals support, time, expertise (and more) for the benefit of the collective. Our idea is that if we all ‘chip in’ small amounts, whether its supporting each over over the phone, reading and sharing each others research, attending each others presentations, or providing support for each others research projects – it can make a big difference. By being part of the collective you are making a small contribution towards a bigger goal of helping shape and enhance the future of football research.

To join The Football Collective as a member please email the following details to us:

  • Your name and title,
  • Affiliation,
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Brief details on your background and experience related to football research

We look forward to welcoming you –   Sarthak Mondal on and