If you are here, it is probably because football is some part of your life. For many us, football has a historic, cultural and personal meanings. Many of want to talk about, to share opinions and debate topical issues. The Football Collective is welcoming contributions to share on our platform. 

We welcome original contributions on a wide range of football related issues, especially within our broad areas (see topics). For each topic we have a dedicated editor who will support the development of ideas for contributions when appropriate.

One of our aims is to show case best practice and help share academic peer reviewed research in an accessible and understandable format for all. This includes:

  • Share evidenced based commentary on football issues
  • Disseminate peer reviewed research on football
  • Open debate around key issues in related to football

All research published on The Football Collectives is edited by the Collective Board. The Collective Board ensures that research contributions are current, relevant, appropriate and ethical, whilst also providing an informal peer review support for contributors.

To contribute please fire over a completed article, headline, main content, formatted with hyperlinks included, your contact details and also include a JPEG image and link to the relevant research article if relevant, via email to Paul Widdop and Dan Parnell


We look forward to hearing from you!