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From the Back Page to the Front Room: Football’s Journey Through the English Media

Over the past week we have been fortunate to welcome new Football Collective member Roger Domeneghetti to the group. Roger presented at the Football, Politics and Popular Culture conference in Limerick. In this post we would like to bring you... Continue Reading →


We have clipped two of the top paragraphs of Paul Breen's article in The Football Pink below. You can access, the outstanding full article: here.  Limerick, as a city, has a unique place in Irish history. Better still, a unique place... Continue Reading →

Call for female coaches to participate in research

Would you know female coaches would match the critieria for a study? You or they must: - Be over 18 - Hold a coaching qualification - Hold an accreditation in talent development if this accreditation exist in your sport (e.g.... Continue Reading →

Join Trans-European Research Project on National Football Teams and Associations

By Paul Huiszoon Studies of football fans’ attitudes and behaviours often focus on teams or leagues. This research adds national football associations to the mix. Beside the factors that might influence fan engagement towards the team, this study additionally investigates how... Continue Reading →

#Sky25 – Sky Sports as a Disruptive Technology – And is Sky being disrupted?

By Leslie Crang The first goal of this brave new era, though, was not scored by one of the ultra-elite. It was scored by a team whose presence among the then 22 runaways was something rather remarkable in itself and... Continue Reading →

Fan protest and activism: football ‘from below’ in South-Eastern Europe

By Dario Brentin & Andrew Hodges We are happy to announce the publication of a guest-edited Soccer & Society special issue, which focuses on fan protest, activism and struggles in South-Eastern Europe, with special emphasis on the post-Yugoslav region. It... Continue Reading →

Relative Age Effect in Irish elite youth football

By Laura Finnegan originally published here.  What is it? The relative age effect (RAE) refers to a preference for selecting footballers born earlier in the year, often due to enhanced maturational factors (being bigger, faster, stronger physically but also are often... Continue Reading →

Talking Coach Education

Football Collective member Dr Richard Bailey of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education recently completed a contribution to The Talent Equation Podcast, a platform ran by Stuart Armstrong. Take  a listen here. There are some interesting lessons... Continue Reading →

Football Fans, Rivalry and Cooperation

Edited by Christian Brandt, Fabian Hertel, Sean Huddleston About the Book, which can be accessed here. Football is undoubtedly the sport with the largest following in the world, attracting billions of fans across the globe. These fans play an integral... Continue Reading →

Where do you find a Sporting Director?

By Dr Dan Parnell and Dr Paul Widdop Where do you find a Sporting Director in football?  We have seen a growing media lens and attention given to the Sporting Director role in football (or Director of Football, Technical Director,... Continue Reading →

New: Referee and Match Official Research Network

As a means of pulling together various strands of research that focus on the role of the referee and match official in football, as well as other sports, Dr Tom Webb has recently convened the Referee and Match Official Research... Continue Reading →

Football and its shifting global powerbase

Call for papers: Football and its shifting global powerbase. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal  Guest Editors: Dr Paul Widdop, Leeds Beckett University, UK Professor Simon Chadwick, University of Salford, UK Dr Dan Parnell, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK In... Continue Reading →

Monitoring and Achieving Compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code: Learning from the Implementation of Other International Agreements

By Stacie Gray The scale of the problem that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) faces in terms of eliminating doping in sport was recently highlighted by the exposure of state-sponsored doping in Russia and the series of doping scandals within... Continue Reading →

The Sarajevo Derby: The Documentary

By Dr Joel Rookwood My latest documentary is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on one of the most atmospheric football derbies in Europe, contested in one of the most absorbing cities on the continent. The Sarajevo Derby is a film... Continue Reading →

The Feminization of Sports Fandom: A Sociological Study – new book publication

By Stacey Pope Watching professional sport is important for women for so many reasons, but their expectations and experiences have been largely ignored in sociological work to date. Most studies focus exclusively on male football fans and are typically focused... Continue Reading →

Respect? An investigation into the experience of referees in association football

We are pleased to share recently published research by Football Collective members, Dr Jamie Cleland, Dr Jimmy O'Gorman and Dr Tom Webb, in The International Review for the Sociology of Sport. This article focuses on the response by 2056 football... Continue Reading →

Women into Coaching: Are You Sure?

In this post, Dr Colin Lewis introduces a new chapter: Women into Coaching: Are You Sure? in the recently published: Sport and Discrimination Book (2017) (Routledge) Dr Colin Lewis, Dr Simon Roberts and Dr Hazel Andrews Chapter Overview Presently, there... Continue Reading →

Gabon 2017 – The Cup of African Nations

By Dr Joel Rookwood - @JoelRookwood The Cup of African Nations has been staged at fluctuating intervals since its inception in 1957, from an annual to quadrennial basis, across 19 different states. CAF – the Confederation of African football –... Continue Reading →

Football Science Seminar at University of Southern Denmark, Odense

Professor Peter Krustrup recently hosted a football science seminar – surrounding Football Fitness and Elite Level Football at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense. The event was to celebrate Peters appointment as Professor of Sport and Health Sciences and Head of Football... Continue Reading →

Building International Relationships through Social Media Marketing: A Netnography of Football Communities

Alex Fenton - Building International Relationships through Social Media Marketing: A Netnography of Football Communities. The event was held at FC United’s Broadhurst Park on 30th November 2016.

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