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Women into Coaching: Are You Sure?

In this post, Dr Colin Lewis introduces a new chapter: Women into Coaching: Are You Sure? in the recently published: Sport and Discrimination Book (2017) (Routledge) Dr Colin Lewis, Dr Simon Roberts and Dr Hazel Andrews Chapter Overview Presently, there... Continue Reading →

Gabon 2017 – The Cup of African Nations

By Dr Joel Rookwood - @JoelRookwood The Cup of African Nations has been staged at fluctuating intervals since its inception in 1957, from an annual to quadrennial basis, across 19 different states. CAF – the Confederation of African football –... Continue Reading →

Professional football clubs and their impact off the pitch

Much attention will be focused towards the on-the-pitch performances of professional football clubs this coming weekends as Wembley is set to host the FA Cup semi-finals, yet professional football clubs are having an increasing impact off the pitch, notably for health.... Continue Reading →

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