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Conference at UL explores football and politics

Original article published here. On November 23rd and 24th, the annual conference of the Football Collective, a dedicated multidisciplinary international network of over 200 academics and sports practitioners, was held at the University of Limerick. Organized by Dr James Carr,... Continue Reading →

Parents in youth football- Potentially ‘Pushy’, always Pivotal.

By Dr Laura Finnegan (originally published here)   Damien Duff hit the headlines in Ireland recently saying that the biggest difficulty with coaching in underage football is dealing with ‘pushy parents’. This might be true but the reality is that... Continue Reading →

Where you are born matters for football development

By Laura Finnegan - originally published here. I’m from Louth, with a passion for sport. Despite (or because of!) this I had never seen a game of hurling until I was a wide-eyed 17 year old leaving home for college... Continue Reading →

Relative Age Effect in Irish elite youth football

By Laura Finnegan originally published here.  What is it? The relative age effect (RAE) refers to a preference for selecting footballers born earlier in the year, often due to enhanced maturational factors (being bigger, faster, stronger physically but also are often... Continue Reading →

The European Game by Dan Fieldsend

Daniel Fieldsend has written his first book penned 'The European Game - An Adventure on the Continent and its Methods for Success. It will be an essential resource for fans and students of the game, offering unique insight into European... Continue Reading →

Where do you find a Sporting Director?

By Dr Dan Parnell and Dr Paul Widdop Where do you find a Sporting Director in football?  We have seen a growing media lens and attention given to the Sporting Director role in football (or Director of Football, Technical Director,... Continue Reading →

‘90-minute patriots’ and contemporary Scottish politics: exploring the nature of unionism, nationalism and political support amongst Scottish football supporters

By Stuart Whigham   The prospect of Scottish independence has remained a salient issue within the domain of Scottish and British politics, despite the failure of the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) to achieve sufficient electoral support for the proposition... Continue Reading →

Monitoring and Achieving Compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code: Learning from the Implementation of Other International Agreements

By Stacie Gray The scale of the problem that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) faces in terms of eliminating doping in sport was recently highlighted by the exposure of state-sponsored doping in Russia and the series of doping scandals within... Continue Reading →

The Sarajevo Derby: The Documentary

By Dr Joel Rookwood My latest documentary is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on one of the most atmospheric football derbies in Europe, contested in one of the most absorbing cities on the continent. The Sarajevo Derby is a film... Continue Reading →

The Feminization of Sports Fandom: A Sociological Study – new book publication

By Stacey Pope Watching professional sport is important for women for so many reasons, but their expectations and experiences have been largely ignored in sociological work to date. Most studies focus exclusively on male football fans and are typically focused... Continue Reading →

Respect? An investigation into the experience of referees in association football

We are pleased to share recently published research by Football Collective members, Dr Jamie Cleland, Dr Jimmy O'Gorman and Dr Tom Webb, in The International Review for the Sociology of Sport. This article focuses on the response by 2056 football... Continue Reading →

Women into Coaching: Are You Sure?

In this post, Dr Colin Lewis introduces a new chapter: Women into Coaching: Are You Sure? in the recently published: Sport and Discrimination Book (2017) (Routledge) Dr Colin Lewis, Dr Simon Roberts and Dr Hazel Andrews Chapter Overview Presently, there... Continue Reading →

MUST Submission: Football and Corporate Governance Reform

Duncan Drasdo, the CEO of MUST - the Manchester United supporters' trust shares their submission to the government on Football Governance, via the Corporate Governance reform consultation (which is separate to the Football reform consultation). Shared 17 February 2017. Please see below Introduction... Continue Reading →

Football Science Seminar at University of Southern Denmark, Odense

Professor Peter Krustrup recently hosted a football science seminar – surrounding Football Fitness and Elite Level Football at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense. The event was to celebrate Peters appointment as Professor of Sport and Health Sciences and Head of Football... Continue Reading →

Building International Relationships through Social Media Marketing: A Netnography of Football Communities

Alex Fenton - Building International Relationships through Social Media Marketing: A Netnography of Football Communities. The event was held at FC United’s Broadhurst Park on 30th November 2016.

Anni Peki – Football Fans as Social Activists and Good Citizens

Anni Peki offers us an insight into her PhD research on Football Fans as Social Activists and Good Citizens. The event was held at FC United’s Broadhurst Park on 30th November 2016.

Social media and international fans

By Alex Fenton Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using digital tools to analyse and interview football fans from all over the world to ask them about their experiences. This is part of my PhD research into online football communities.... Continue Reading →

Football Fandom

Alison Bambridge and Jack Bullock present their research on Football Fandom. The event was held at FC United’s Broadhurst Park on 30th November 2016.

Building social inclusion through football: The case of Diversity City FC

Dr James Carr made the trip across the Irish Sea to present his research on: Building social inclusion through football: The case of Diversity City FC. The event was held at FC United’s Broadhurst Park on 30th November 2016.

New study blows whistle on home advantage

Higher standards in football refereeing have brought about an unexpected change – the end of the home advantage. According to new research, football in the UK has changed beyond recognition in the last few decades and home advantage has been steadily... Continue Reading →

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