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The Sarajevo Derby: The Documentary

By Dr Joel Rookwood My latest documentary is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on one of the most atmospheric football derbies in Europe, contested in one of the most absorbing cities on the continent. The Sarajevo Derby is a film... Continue Reading →

The Feminization of Sports Fandom: A Sociological Study – new book publication

By Stacey Pope Watching professional sport is important for women for so many reasons, but their expectations and experiences have been largely ignored in sociological work to date. Most studies focus exclusively on male football fans and are typically focused... Continue Reading →

A multidisciplinary perspective on Football consumption

In this article newly qualified doctoral academic Alex Bond writes about his thesis, its contribution to the literature, its disciplinary (or multidisciplinary) focus, and results which shed new light on ‘The Football Consumer’. By Alex Bond The landscape of sport... Continue Reading →

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