All member email – 23.08.2019

Dear Members,
We hope everyone is well and enjoying some down time after the academic year. It has been some time since we last messaged and we must apologise for the long email ahead – although everyone is used to the infrequent long email!
Last year’s conference in Glasgow was an absolutely amazing event, with a variety of presentations, lots of debate and new friends made. One of the key aspects of The Football Collective (FBC) is to provide greater opportunities for support for PhD / ECR students and academics alike. Glasgow delivered upon this and allowed us to respond to feedback (or the vibrations we hear!) to keep challenging the status quo with respect to speakers and panels. This will continue. We would like to thank all involved, from our keynote, to our panels, to the sponsors and most importantly everyone to attended and made the event a success. We are indebted and extremely thankful to Sean Huddleston for his custodianship and leadership. Thank you.
The FBC developed out of the substantial change within the higher education sector, and the subsequent increased demands placed on those working in and around the football within the sector. This has impacted the all of us in many ways and we are primarily focused on helping colleagues from PhD students to Professors who are facing such demands.
How do we do this?
We want to continue to enhance the support for those researching football from PhD students to those in senior positions. To do this, we want to continue to deliver high quality events that provide a platform for critical and collegiate support, the dissemination and discussion of research findings, the development of research ideas and the enhancement of collaboration across the collective. We also want to continue to showcase best practice and help share academic peer reviewed research in an accessible and understandable format for all on the website. In addition, over the next few years we hope to develop strong content on the website that is accessible and open to all.
As such, we have been in discussion for some months now with respect to a management board to build upon the early foundations of the FBCs and help the future development. Further details on this is can be found at the end of the email.
The FBC Conference
The call for papers is open for this years FBC annual conference at Sheffield United – 28th and 29th November 2019: ‘From Grassroots to hyper commodification’.
Sheffield is famed for its role in forging the beautiful game. Home to Sheffield FC, the world’s oldest football club; home to the world’s oldest, continually used ground, Hallam FC; home of the Youdan Cup, the world’s oldest football trophy; home of the first floodlit match at Bramall Lane; home to the Sheffield and Hallamshire FA, the largest local association; and home to one of the world’s largest grassroots leagues in the Sheffield and District Junior Sunday Football League. Not forgetting two, giant professional clubs in Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.
The 2019 Football Collective annual conference will take place in this unique, special and footballing rich city on the 28th and 29th November, bringing this collective of football researchers, practitioners and scholars together in Sheffield for the first time.
Please consider submitting an abstract or joining us and the discussion:
Contributing to the collective
We are committed to facilitating research insight, ideas and debates through our social media and the website. As members you have a number of opportunities to contribute:
  1. Engage – with content shared though supporting others, share, engage, follow-up personally
  2. Contribute – blog on your research, ideas or analysis of topical issues
We encourage all to contribute or engage with knowledge exchange. The details for submitting blog articles is here:
The FBC podcast is a relatively new addition. Huge credit to Joshua Dean for leading this area of work and congratulations on the news you will embark on your PhD research at Sheffield Hallam. We are interested in developing other podcast host opportunities via The FBC podcast. Moreover, we are looking for a management board member (see below) to develop and oversee a podcast plan (as part of the social media strategy). In the meantime, if you are interested in contributing as a host alongside Josh please get in touch with ideas. If you have new research or items you would like to discuss on the podcast please get in touch with your ideas and suggestions.
Email Paul Widdop
The FBC Mentor programme
We are conscious that the development of these informal networks will be easier for some rather than others; therefore we have created a slightly more formal approach to help people both access support and support others. Under the leadership of Dr Paul Kitchin we have developed The Football Collective Mentorship programme. Further information on the mentorship programme is below, alongside the information required to become a mentee or mentor. One of the core values of this programme is respect. The programme is planned to be launched officially at our conference in Sheffield (November, 2019). This gives us time for people to express an interest and for positive mentee / mentor relationships to be matched. As such, once your express an interest expect a response closer to November 2019. Please read the details below and share with colleagues. This opportunity is for members only.
Broad aim: To encourage and empower individuals to develop their professional capacities within the multidisciplinary academic fields of the Football Collective.
More details can be found here, please check it out and get involved however, you feel relevant:
The FBC Management Board information
If you would like to become a part of the management board of The FBC please read the below information and make an application.
What do you need?
Do you have a passion to help others? Do you have a passion to give something back? Do you have a desire to extend your international network and diplomatic skills? Would you like to extend the work and help deliver the upon the purpose of The FBC? Have you been to an FBC conference and have experience of how The FBC works? If you have the experience and enthusiasm to commit to support our endeavours we would love to hear from you.
The FBC Management Board is a new initiative. It will be made solely of volunteers. It will help The FBC deliver upon its purpose. We have developed a number of positions which are listed below, alongside provisional job roles:
1.       Chair: Dan Parnell
Oversee the strategy of The FBC and work of the management board.
2.       Editorial Board lead: Position Vacant
  • Develop and oversee the editorial board membership
  • Set the scope of editorial board member roles
  • Ensure and extend the inclusiveness of the editorial board (i.e., gender, geography, disciplines, equality and diversity)
  • Overall support the development of new content for the website and activity surrounding key themes at the conference.
3.       Social Media lead: Position Vacant
  • Develop and oversee social media strategy and activity
  • Provide regular updates across key platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram)
  • Develop and oversee the focus and plan for The FBC podcast
  • Enhance and grow the reach of The FBC
  • Provide oversight for the website
4.       Research and knowledge exchange lead: Position Vacant
  • Develop and oversee research and knowledge exchange
  • Develop writing opportunities linked to key events (i.e., linked to major events, topical issues)
  • Develop academic writing opportunities (i.e., special issues on key related items: for example a special issues on Challenging the Narrative in Football)
  • Observe the latest football research and encourage inclusion on The FBC platform
5.       Memberships lead: Position Vacant
  • Develop and oversee a membership strategy
  • Maintain all member details securely in line with GDPR
  • Induct and introduce new members
  • Engage with and listen to members to inform and the work of The FBC.
6.       Equality and diversity lead: Position Vacant
  • Provide leadership to ensure The FBC considers and delivers upon issues related to equality and diversity
  • Work with all board members to ensure equality and diversity is incorporated into all activities
  • Provide a key point of call to receive ideas and feedback related to equality and diversity and then act to ensure The FBC progresses.
7.       Current conference organiser: Dan Plumley
  • Deliver The FBC conference working with past and future organisers
  • Provide a key contact to listen and act on lessons from past conferences and member feedback to shape the event
8.       Future conference organiser: Giambattista Rossi
  • Engage and work with board members, alongside past and current conference organisers to deliver a quality event.
9.       Mentor Programme lead: Paul Kitchin
  • Develop and oversee the strategy for The FBC mentor programme.
10.   Treasurer: Rob Wilson
  • Maintain clear financial records for The FBC
11.   Archive lead: Helena Byrne
  • Provide leadership over archiving all FBC content.
12.   Strategy and Enterprise: Paul Widdop
  • Provide strategic leadership and future direction
  • Develop relationships with external organisations
  • Facilitate grant opportunities.
Important to the roles:
  • Be self-motivated and able to work both independently or as part of a team
  • Able to take responsibility and to work accurately and methodically
  • To be able to effectively contribute to the work of The FBC and demonstrate excellent teamwork and project management skills (i.e., communication and interpersonal skills)
  • All board members must work collectively to support one another
Our expectations:
  • The management board are expected to attend one meeting a year. This will be at the annual FBC conference.
  • Be available for individual communication as and when throughout the year (email, call and video call).
  • Provide a 6-month short written progress update (typically May) and then at the annual meeting.
  • All FBC Management Board members should help facilitate and support collective activities, such as the annual conference and online knowledge exchange.
  • Management board members would serve between 12-24months and aim to pass on their position (and The FBC) to the next board member, in a stronger position under their custodianship.


How to apply?

The brief descriptions outlined above are a means to begin a discussion with prospective board members and current board members. If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, please provide a brief description of (i) the role you would like to be considered for, (ii) an outline of what you would like to achieve in that role and (iii) include a copy of your CV.

All interest should be directed to Dan Parnell via email by 10th September 2019:

If anyone would like an informal discussion regarding the positions or positions that we have missed, please also email Dan to arrange a call.

Finally, if you did not receive this email, please let me know and we will update your email address. Thank you. 

That’s all for now folks, looking forward to hearing or seeing you soon. 
Very best wishes
Dan and Paul
Dr Daniel Parnell
Senior Lecturer in Sport Business 
University of Liverpool Management School

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