‘PEAK’ Symposium: The future of coaching

‘PEAK’ SYMPOSIUM: THE FUTURE OF COACHING (14 June 2019, in Limerick, Ireland)


PEAK is a new, international project aiming to develop coaching policy recommendations for use by sport federations, coaching bodies and governments. Bringing together a unique consortium of expert partners, including the International Council for Coaching Excellence, The German Sport University Cologne, European Elite Athletes Association, Finnish Olympic Committee, Sport Ireland Coaching

Swiss Federal Institute of Sport, and the Foundation of Sport Education and Information, Estonia.

PEAK will offer, for the first time, a comprehensive picture of coaching and coach education across Europe, and beyond. It will tell us about coaching roles, responsibilities, and status, as well as policies, programmes and decision-making processes. It will report on strategies to increase opportunities for women in coaching, and to enhance the effectiveness of good governance measures (such as transparency of decision-making, democratic and inclusive decision-making processes) in the practice of sport coaching?


The iCoachKids Conference in Limerick is the setting of the first PEAK Symposium, which will be an opportunity for coaches, coach educators and anyone interested or involved in sports coaching to meet and learn. The theme of the symposium is: the Future of Coaching.

Three speakers, well-known in sport and coaching, will lead the meeting:

  • Emma Atkins, Director of Coaching, UK Coaching, UK
  • Hayley Harrison, Coach Education Officer, Sport Ireland Coaching, Ireland
  • Dr Karen Petry, Institute for European Sports Development and Leisure Research, Germany


The moderator will be:

  • Dr Richard Bailey, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, Germany

Presentations, discussions and questions/answers with the audience will give a great opportunity to explore different visions of coaching.


ICSSPE members and friends can attend this Symposium AND the iCoachKids Conference at a free or greatly reduced cost. For Irish participants, both the PEAK Symposium and iCoachKids Conference are free.

In addition, international participants (including those from the UK) are offered a package of two nights’ accommodation (13.06 – 14.06.), BBQ on 14.06., and attendance at both the PEAK Symposium and iCoachKids Conference on Friday.

For further information contact @DrDickB and read more about the conference here.



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