Critical reflections of women and football

We are delighted to formally introduce the first keynote panel ‘Critical reflections of women and football’ chaired by Alex Culvin. The session is part of the  ‘Challenging the Narrative’ – Critical thinking in football conference at Hampden in Glasgow on the 29th and 30th November 2018.

‘Critical reflections of women and football’chaired by Alex Culvin.

Alex Culvin (PhD student, University of Central Lancashire, UK) and Dr Stacey Pope (Associate Professor, Durham University, UK),  Lucy Ward (The Premier League, UK) and Kylla Sjoman (elite player).

az (002)Alex Culvin is a final year PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. Alex’s research focuses on football as work for women and the context is the employment concerns of elite women footballers in England. More specifically, Alex’s research explores whether and how employment policies impact the welfare and wellbeing of professional women footballers. As a former professional footballer, Alex has been able to reflect on and utilise her own experiences as a player to develop the research project.

email:  twitter:  @alexculvin

Stacey picProfessor Stacey Pope
is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology (Sport) at Durham University. She is especially interested in issues of gender and sport and has published widely on the topic of female sports fandom. She is author of The Feminization of Sports Fandom: A Sociological Study (2017), co-editor (with Gertrud Pfister) of Female Football Players and Fans: Intruding into a Man’s World (2018) and her work has appeared in a range of journals. Her research to date has included a number of areas, for example, the sociology of football and rugby union, comparative research in sports fandom, female fans of men’s football and their views of women’s football, the meaning of sport for women and women’s formative sporting experiences.

email: twitter: @StaceyPope20


IMG_4904Lucy Ward enjoyed a football playing career of over 23 years including stints at Leeds United and Doncaster Belles. After graduating from Loughborough University Lucy taught Sports Science at an FE college in Leeds which included teaching the Leeds United scholars from 1998. Lucy then made the move to join Leeds United as Head of Education and Welfare in 2004. Spending 11 years in this role she left the club in 2015 and proceeded to win a unfair dismissal and sex discrimination case against the owner at the time. As well as her full time work Lucy has also worked as a Co commentator for broadcasters such as BBC, BT Sport, Sky, ITV and Channel 4 since 2007 on all World Cups, Olympic Games and Euro women’s football competitions. Lucy is currently employed at the Premier League as an Education Support Manager looking after clubs such as Manchester United.

email: twitter: @lucyjward_

2018087-07-08-14-sjoman-thumb-330-490-1533618494Kylla Sjoman has been an elite football player for the past 15 years, having had the opportunity to play in 6 different countries (Canda, USA, England, Germany, Scotland, and Czech Republic). Kylla has also represented Canada at the international level and was the first North American player to compete in the WSL in England. As a female in a male dominated industry and having watched the game develop first hand, Kylla feels responsible to contribute to the growth of the game. Kylla is passionate about working with athletes to give them the opportunities and resources to fulfill their potential both within and beyond sport and believes in sharing her experiences and views to hopefully help improve exposure on the issues unique to the women’s game.

twitter: @ky_sjoman


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