Join Trans-European Research Project on National Football Teams and Associations

By Paul Huiszoon

Studies of football fans’ attitudes and behaviours often focus on teams or leagues. This research adds national football associations to the mix. Beside the factors that might influence fan engagement towards the team, this study additionally investigates how certain factors relating to national football associations may influence a fan’s attitudes and behaviours towards the respective national team.

Please join this trans-European study and take your country-specific questionnaire. Also, please share the link within your network. Using a computer, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

So, if you consider the national football team of one of the following countries as “your” national football team, please follow the respective link:












The Netherlands:


Northern Ireland:


The Republic of Ireland:






The national football team from Australia, Brazil, or the US is “your” national team?

Please follow the respective links:







Paul Huiszoon is a PhD student at the University of Lyon, France. In his research, he focuses on consumer behaviour in sport spectator services. This large-scale research project is supported by his supervisors Prof Guillaume Bodet and Dr Guillaume Martinent.

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