Innovation in Digital Sport

Innovation is something we hear a lot about in football at the moment. It might be Manchester United being hailed as leading the way when it comes to digital and commercially innovative by The Independent. Or local rivals Manchester City being at the forefront through their use of Virtual Reality in The Drum. 


But there is a lot more to it than just jumping the latest feature from a social media platform. In a time when digital teams generally aren’t very big and clubs are more concerned about the here and now; putting bums on seats, activating sponsorship deals around the world and delivering engaging content to fans who are more concerned with winning games on the pitch.


We’re running an event on Monday 27th March at Hotel Football, Manchester to look at this very topic. Starting with what the opportunities are from the likes of Professor Andy Miah and Sheridan’s Chris Paget. It’s about a certain mind set and business strategy that has buy-in from top to bottom in an organisation to really work.


We have a variety of speakers with backgrounds at football clubs, social media platforms, investment companies and data centric organisations, all looking at how we can embrace innovation and potentially become it as well. It’s a time of great unknowns in football at the moment with technology to the fore of that change.


There are so many opportunities with technologies such as Virtual Reality, big data, live streaming, connected stadiums, artificial intelligence (and bots), eSports, etc, etc that without a coherent and planned strategy it can be just become a distraction.


At the event we’ll dissect these topics and help you see through the mist. Tickets are available here.

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