International Football History Conference, 15-16 June 2017 at MCFC’s CFA, Etihad Campus, Manchester.
By Dr Gary James
I’m hosting, via Manchester Metropolitan University, a football history conference next June and I’m keen to get an interesting and diverse range of topics discussed.  I’m looking for papers on the subject of the origins and regional histories of football; gender; and race but there is an opportunity to submit on any area of football history and, always worth remembering, history is what happened only moments ago, so please don’t assume this is focusing only on a particular era.  Personally, I’m intending to present on my current research into the history of female participation and involvement in football, and would encourage anyone with an idea to submit it or contact me beforehand if you’re in doubt.
The conference is supported by the National Football Museum, the publisher Taylor and Francis (who will enable a special edition of Soccer & Society to be produced out of the conference), the City Football Group, and of course Manchester Metropolitan University. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Further details can be found here.