Safe Standing Bundle

As the safe standing campaign seems to gather momentum across the UK football scene, we thought a bundle of recent news articles might assist interested parties. Currently research and academic work is lacking from the bundle as it such a topical subject in the UK – although it is popular across Europe – so please suggest, forward or direct us towards any work you know of that would be helpful for people to start.

Whilst academic research and work is limited, the general argument against Safe Standing is concerns over safety, therefore a possible starting point would be Mark James’ recent chapter on Crowd Disorder and Violence in England and Wales. Below are links to news and blog articles relating to Safe Standing you may find useful.


Melrose, Hampton and Manu (2015) – Safety at Sports Stadia


BBC (2017) Safe standing: League one side Shrewsbury Town first in England to apply for rail seats

Premier League (2016) Premier League Statement on Safe Standing 

Martyn Ziegler (2016) Safe Standing in the Premier League gets a big boost

Owen Gibson (2016) Safe-standing initiative given a lift by Premier League mood swing 

Ian Herbert (2016) Premier League moves nearer to safe-standing with 13 clubs indictating interest 

Liam Prenderville (2016) Premier League to investigate possibility of safe standing further after initial discussions with clubs 

Belfast Telegraph (2016) Premier League clubs ask for more information after first talks on standing

Dr David Webber (2016)  Safe Standing would be “fitting legacy” to Hillsborough victims 

Tony Barret (2016) Father of Hillsborough victim says safe standing campaigners must be listened to  

Tony Barret (2016) – Safe Standing areas would make football even safer than all-seater stadia, insists leading campaigner 

Tony Barret (2016) – Safe Standing Q&A: How does it work, how much does it cost and is it *really* safe?

Dion Fanning (2016) – The Way We Were: The story of terraces and English football

Martin Cloacke (2016) Football: Safe Standing gathering pace, but is it the panacea fan’s think it is? 

Daniel Taylor (2016) ‘Safe Standing’ would not be a return to English football’s dark ages 

Ben Rumsby (2016) New FA chairman to lobby government for return of safe standing at football grounds 

Bryan Swanson (2016) Premier League to discuss ‘safe standing’ next week

Martyn Ziegler (2016) Safe standing in top flight a step closer

Marcus Keppel-Palmer (2014) Stand up for seating: why all seater football stadia should be reconsidered

The Herald (2014) Cheap tickets and beer in stadia key to success, says German league boss It’s not football without beer, says German league boss

Matt Slater (2013) Standing at football: Will terraces return to Britain’s top stadiums

Louis Emanual  (2013) Fans stand up for the right to stand up and cheer on Rovers and City: Mixed response to calls for ‘safe standing’ at new stadia

Ian Hernon (2010) Stadia terraces call sparks row: Mersey MPs blast move to bring back fans’ standing areas

Better crowd management needed (2012) The Safety & Health Practitioner 

Matt Slater (2008) Lib Dems to debate safe standing

Matt Slater (2007) Lets sit down and talk about standing up

Matt Slater (2007) Calls grow for return of terraces

Kate Hoey interview on the BBC (2000) Football split over terrace return

Welsh Conservatives:  Safe Standing: Why Wales can lead the way…



Football Supporters Federation are leading the campaign on safe standing across the UK you can find links to news and blogs regarding safe standing here;

News Articles – for up to date news on safe standing and their campaign 

Blog Atricles – for recent blog articles by academics, journalists and campaigners 

Sport Ground Safety Authority, which includes a number of useful publications:

AGSA  – publications


Compiled by Dr Alex Bond


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