Agents and intermediaries in football

We have decided to deliver a bundle of articles from the news and research surrounding key football topics. These do not intend to be an exhaustive list, but will serve to give a nod towards where to start reading. If there are articles that need to be on this list, please share with on Twitter and we will add! This bundle is focused on agents and intermediaries in football.

News – Football insiders claim world game is ‘endemically corrupt’ in player transfer 

News – Corrupt behaviour has become endemic in football’s culture 

News – Association of Football Agents admits system is open to abuse amid Allardyce fallout 

News – Football Agents call for tougher rules to tackle abuse 

News –  Welcome to Deportivo Maldonado, where the big names never actually play

News – The World’s Most Powerful Sports Agents And Agencies

Research – Rossi, Semens and Brocard (2016) Sports Agents and Labour Markets: Evidence from World Football

Research blog – Widdop and Parnell reinforce messages from recent news articles  Football Agents should not be sent off – they just need a better set of rules 

Research – De Sanctis (2016) Football: A Call for Transparency to Curb Corruption 




Compiled by Dr Alex Bond @AlBondSportBiz

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