Future Football: PhD places and awards

On the 30 November 2016 we will meet at FC United for our first conference, Future Football: a design for life. Our attention is firmly focused on supporting new researchers, whether early career or PhD students. In response to this, we have allocated the morning session to three presentations from PhD or early career researchers. We are pleased to announce that our friends from Sport and Leisure at Routledge have agreed to offer each contributor to these 3 sessions £100 worth of Routledge books each, plus a copy of the Handbook of Football Studies each (edited by John Hughson (of the collective) and colleagues). This is a generous gesture from Routledge, which pays testament to the collective movement of supporting one another and our future football researchers. 

Below is a little more information about this particular section of the conference and you can join us by booking on here.

The purpose of these workshops is to create a positive, supportive and collegiate conference for presenters to provide a genuinely valuable experience.

We have 3 x 30minute presentation spaces for PhD students and/or Early Career Researchers to submit a paper or work in progress. As part of the workshop, each presenter would provide a 15min presentation followed by 15min discussion. Presenters will be expected to provide a 300 word abstract outlining the aims of your work, issues, challenges and questions you would like to discuss. Further presenters would be encouraged to present a written draft in advance of the conference for board members to provide critical friend feedback.

Within the discussion element of workshops the role of the participants would be to contribute to a positive and supportive environment for the presenters and to be prepared to provide insight, feedback and perspective on the presentation. The participants will have access to provide written feedback and support for the presenter, the discussion will be recorded in audio and a member of the Collective will record a written account of the discussion keys points, all of which will be solely provided to the presenter post presentation for their reflection and consideration.


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